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Comment: The natilus, a relative of the octopus is the only cephalopod to have an external shell. The asymmetrical shell, a true "natural beauty", has fascinated naturalists, mathematicians and physicists for centuries with its perfectly proportioned spiraled shell. We can only hope to emulate its beauty if only for a fleeting moment in snow.
Hunter of the North, Alaska, USA * Hunter of the North is Team USA, Alaska's portrayal of Nanook, the polar bear, continually on the hunt for a seal. An Eskimo hunter can be seen on the reverse side, carved in bas-relief. * 2048 x 1536 * (590KB)

Old Memories, Part I, Italy * The sculpture is intended to represent a moment of relaxation just after a children's game. And particularly, the sculpture is about Captain Clerici's childhood when the fountain represented the carefree joys of youth. * 2048 x 1536 * (592KB)

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Liang Zhu, China * The story of Liang shanbo and Zhu Yingtai (Butterfly Lovers) is based upon a historical legend known to every Chinese. Their love plunged them into fatal tragedy. Both of them turned into a pair of beautiful butterflies after they suicided for love. This sculpture was dreamed of an exotic cruise and is dedicated to our children. * 2048 x 1536 * (604KB)

River's Surprise, Idaho, USA * River's Surprise depicts a white sturgeon, an endangered species of the Kootanie River in Idaho and Canada. The sturgeon had been so plentiful at one time that they were fished for a livelihood. In the past there were sturgeon measuring 16 feet pulled from the river. Their prehistoric looks and long life span make them an unusual fish. This is a humorous account of a sturgeon caught unexpectedly by a fly fisherman. * 2048 x 1536 * (616KB)

Knot Divided, Minnesota, USA * Can a divided knot be not divided? We start with the simplest possible knot: the overhand knot, also known as the trefoil or pretzel know, which we will then split lengthwise along the whole strand that forms the three loops. But there is a twist that may lead to surprises: the knotted strand is actually a triply-twisted Mobius ban! Thus the question: does our cut separate the structure into two pieces, or does it form a single, highly knotted, twisted strand? * 2048 x 1536 * (606KB)

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